CASPER workshop in Somogy county

Oct 24, 2023 | News

The project’s international partnership paid a visit to Somogy county, in order to study the members taken to increase the population retention capacity of its rural areas.

The Somogy County Government – with the expert support of CROST Nonprofit Ltd. – cooperates as a partner in the Interreg Europe project called CASPER, which aims at providing exchange of experience and improvement of instruments for involvement of local communities for the sake of increasing the population retention capacity of rural areas. The second study trip and workshop, held on 17-19 October 2023, focused on Hungary, Somogy county. During the three-day event, the Finnish, French, Polish and Italian partners got acquainted with the results of the Opportunity Home projects of Nagyatád and Lengyeltóti that targeted local the local youth to keep them in the rural areas. In Kastélyosdombó, at the Drava river, they studied the Catching-up Settlement local development model programme, as well as the wine route cooperation operating in the South Balaton area. Besides elements of the study tour, the partners listened to a presentation on the available call for the support of local human developments launched under TOP Plusz operational programme.