Establishment and preparation of a public geothermal heating system based on the waste heat of the thermal well in the Nagyatád Thermal Bath (financed by Széchenyi 2020 TOP-3.2.2-15-SO1)

Apr 5, 2023 | References

In response to the initiative of our colleagues and in cooperation with energy experts, an innovative renewable energy recovery system will be built in Nagyatád that will utilize the heat of the thermal water of the spa. This renewable energy will provide the heating of the cultural centre, the town hall, the tourist centre, the Baross office building and the spa. In addition to protecting the environment, the 82,800 m³ fossil gas saving solution saves the town a minimum of 5-6 million HUF annually.

As a result of the project, the public buildings are connected by a thermal water pipeline to the buffer reservoir to be built at the Nagyatád Thermal and Medicinal Spa’s well, while the appropriate flow temperature is provided by the heat pump system utilizing the thermal energy of the thermal water in each institution. Solar panels are installed on the buildings to provide the electricity required by the heat pumps. In the project, the utilization of geothermal energy for heating purposes is done in the most optimal, cost effective way possible in a complex approach.

In addition to reducing spending and protecting the environment, the development is intended to stand out with setting a good example to be followed by as many urban residents as possible. Therefore, as part of the investment, measurement and built-in demonstration tools are implemented to enable municipal workers to directly see the reduction of fossil energy consumption and renewable energy, thereby improving their awareness, which is an important step towards sustainable energy use.