CROST Regional Development Nonprofit Ltd.

Initiation and implementation of domestic and international regional development projects


About us

The CROST Regional Development Nonprofit Ltd. has been created from the cooperation of the Logframe Consultancy Ltd. and the GEOCHEM Geological, Environmental, Research, Consulting and Services Ltd. CROST, based on the competence and strength of the founders, aims to initiate and implement international regional development projects in the South Transdanubian Region of Hungary.

While Logframe has outstanding experience in international program and project preparation, planning and management, Geochem has earned strong reputation in research and development and among else, owns a high-tech laboratory that is able to determine physical parameters of different materials. Both companies are members of the only Applied Earth Science Cluster in Central and Eastern Europe, moreover, the leader of Geochem is the president of the cluster and has gained not only domestic but international experience on cluster development and collaboration.

CROST primarily intends to play an intermediary role in international (cross-border and transnational) development, primarily focusing on tourism and energy.

Our colleagues are all university graduates who have been involved in regional development for two decades, while becoming familiar with both sides of the funding system. This experience is a great advantage when it comes to thinking with the head of the funding authorities and of goals at macro level. In addition, through previous work experience, we have built up a wide network of contacts, both among municipalities and businesses as well as policy makers.