IBC Study tour

Jun 17, 2024 | IBC_en, News, Uncategorized

The IBC project aims at valorising natural and cultural assets in disadvantaged border areas by a transnational development of cycling trails focusing on inclusion of local vulnerable groups. IBC pilots and solutions for inclusive trail management and targeting the silver age groups, accompanied by transnational marketing and promotional activities will lead to an accessible network of socially inclusive cycling trails with European acceptance.

The IBC project study visit to Feldbach, Austria, took place on 4-5 June.

The project study trip took place along the Vulkanland Route 66, during which the Partners heard stories about the region and its development and how the brand “Steirisches Vulkanland” has transformed a poor border region into a culinary hotspot in Central Europe.

In 1999, the association for the promotion of the Styrian Vulkanland was founded, thus making the name “Vulkanland” official. Behind this was the decision to bring all the region’s activities together and make them visible through the regional brand “Steirisches Vulkanland”.

The IBC project partners walked together to Feldbach’s impressive landmark, the most colourful church tower in the world, and also had a look inside the Town Hall building, before starting the study tour.

The first stop was LAVA BRÄU, a brand of exclusive beers and exceptional whiskies. After a tour of the brewery, we had the opportunity to taste their beverages.

At the next venue, Vulcano Ursprung, visitors can hear about the tireless journey of three Vulcano farmers who have been producing the delicious air-dried raw ham, one of the best in Europe, for around 20 years. Afterwards, of course, there is the opportunity to sample the products.

We also had the chance to taste the products made by the “Cheesemaker” – Fromagerie zu Riegersburg. Bernhard Gruber combines completely new, unique creations with a wide range of regional ingredients, depending on the season, the high season and the biological rhythm of the animal. During his tasting tours, visitors can discover the special flavours of his cheeses.

Visitors to Josef Zotter’s chocolate factory can follow the glass path of joy and follow the cocoa bean from the roasting plant – through every step of the processing – to the finished chocolate. During the factory tour, guests can enjoy a non-stop tasting of the ingredients and products used by Zotter.

The last stop of the study tour was again about drinks. David Gölles breathed new life into a former restaurant in Riegersburg and created Ruotkers – House of Whiskey, Gin & Rum in a fantastic location with a magnificent view of Riegersburg Castle. Ruotkers – House of Whiskey, Gin & Rum offers an exclusive insight into the production and storage of whiskey, gin and rum.

The study trip was followed by a discussion of the experiences gained and the partners also agreed on the work to be done in the project.