The Danube GeoHeCo project has been started

Apr 9, 2024 | GeoHeCo_En, News

The opening conference of the project took place on 26-27 March 2024 in Čakovec, Croatia.
In the framework of the international project, which will involve 8 countries, the partners, including the Hungarian partner CROST Nonprofit Ltd., will examine the potential of shallow geothermal energy in the Danube region and develop proposals and tools for the efficient use and dissemination of this renewable energy source.
Shallow geothermal energy, including ground-source heat pumps, shallow water heat pump technologies and waste heat recovery heat pump systems, represent a huge energy potential for the public sector, industry, agriculture and the population.
While in Sweden, for example, there are 60 geothermal heat pump systems per 1,000 people, in Hungary the figure is only 1.
The project will develop an IT tool to assist in the design and selection of shallow geothermal technologies, organise a series of workshops and forums to involve manufacturers, distributors and consumers, and develop an online marketplace and platform to encourage the market uptake of these technologies.